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How to Make a Side by Side Photo in 60 Seconds

by TurboCollage Team

2 Picture Side by Side Photo

A side by side photo collage can be used in many ways.

For example, as “before-after” photos to compare two pictures. You can find these in almost every fitness studio’s testimonials!

You can also use a side by side photo to show photos of the same person at various ages.

They’re also quite trendy on Instagram.

But how do you make one easily and quickly?

This post will show you how to make side-by-side photos - horizontal, vertical, 2-picture, 3-picture, 4-picture, and multi-picture.

Anyone can do it — no design background, no expertise required!

Before we get started, download and install TurboCollage. It takes less than a minute to download and complete the installation. Download here.

In artists’ terminology, a 2 picture side-by-side photo is a diptych, 3-picture as a triptych, and 4-picture as a quadriptych. Sometimes such photo arrangements are collectively called polyptychs.

Make a Side by Side Photo

3 Photo in One

The basic concept behind creating a side by side photo remains the same.

You start with a blank collage of desired output size, split your canvas into cells, and place your pictures in the empty cells.

The following steps are also demonstrated in a short video later in this post.

View video demonstration

1. Open TurboCollage and set your collage to use the Mosaic pattern.

Screenshot of TurboCollage with the Mosaic pattern selected.

2. To start with, one cell covers the whole canvas.

Click this cell to select it, then split it horizontally using the tool shown in the screenshot below.

If you want your photos to combine vertically, you would instead split the cell in that direction. 

Screenshot of TurboCollage showing how to split the canvas into multiple side-by-side cells.

3. Split the second cell again to create the third cell.

Screenshot of TurboCollage showing a 3 cell side-by-side layout.

3. Now add pictures to the empty cells in our side by side photo collage.

Screenshot of TurboCollage showing a 3 picture side-by-side collage.

The above steps are illustrated in the following video:

You can combine two, three, four or more photos horizontally or vertically using the steps outlined above.

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Download and install TurboCollage for free — it will take less than a minute to download and complete the installation.


TurboCollage comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

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TurboCollage comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee.