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21 Photo Collage Examples with Steps to Make Them Easily

by TurboCollage Team

A photo collage combines a group of photos to create a single image. You can use it in many ways — such as decorating the home or building a unique memory from multiple pictures taken at an event.

Collages come in many different formats. Besides, you can make a collage from a couple of pictures or create a collage comprising hundreds of photos!

In this article, we will show you more than 20 different example collages. We will also provide information on how to quickly and easily make these sample collages using TurboCollage.

Photo Pile

A picture pile collage with text made from the photos of a couple.

Do you remember the old-school photo collaging trick where you'd randomly sprinkle photo prints on top of each other? A photo pile is a digital version of that!

While creating a photo pile, you can customize photo positioning, pictures' top to bottom order, and the number of images used. You can also add text to your collage.

How to make a photo pile.

Photo Grid Collage with Pictures of Different Sizes

It might seem challenging to make a photo grid of unequal cells. But TurboCollage can do this for you in a single click!

Here're a couple of examples:

A photo grid collage made from photos of kids.A photo grid made from pictures of landscapes. How to make a photo grid collage.

Large Photo Collage with 100 Photos

You can make collages with any number of photos. You can make a collage with just two pictures and a collage with 100 or more images.

Here's a collage with more than 100 pictures:

An example of a collage with more than 100 pictures. How to make photo collage with 100 photos.

Collage of Shapes

You can make photo collages where each picture is placed inside a shape, such as hearts, circles, squares, hexagons, octagons, and triangles.

Here're a couple of samples:

Make a Collage of ShapesMake a Collage of Shapes How to make a collage of shapes.

Side-By-Side Photo

A side-by-side photo places pictures side-by-side! You can put any number of images side-by-side; mostly, you'd put two, three, or four. You can combine pictures either horizontally or vertically.

A sample collage made by placing 3 pictures side by side. How to make a side by side photo.

Photo Gallery

A photo gallery collage comes in two formats, as shown in the example collages below. The first format puts pictures in rows. The second format sets images in columns.

A photo gallery with pictures arranged horizontally. How to make photo gallery with pictures arranged horizontally.A photo gallery with pictures arranged vertically. How to make photo gallery with pictures arranged vertically.

Collage With a Large Center Picture

Often, Collage makers want to focus on a central image in their creations. TurboCollage lets you design such a collage, as shown in the sample collage below.

An example collage with a large centre picture of a lion. How to make a collage with a large center picture.

Zig-Zag Collage

Zig-zag photo collages are a fun way to share photos on social media. Here's an example:

Make a Zig Zag Collage How to make a zig-zag collage.

Mood Board

A mood board is a collage commonly used in the entertainment & design industry. It is made for the design team to develop ideas during the creative process.

An example mood board Make a mood board in 30 seconds.

Photo Grid with Rows and Columns

A photo grid is a collage of photos arranged in a grid of rows and columns. You can make small 2x2 grids, large photo grids with many pictures, and everything in between!

A 3x3 photo grid made from pictures of dogsA 30 picture photo grid made from pictures of cars How to make a photo grid collage.

Instant Photo Collage

An instant photo collage is a collage that arranges instant photos in a pile. Here's a simple example:

Make an Instant Photo Collage Make an instant photo collage.

Hexagon Photo Collage

The hexagon is a 6-sided polygon with all sides equal in length. A hexagon photo collage looks aesthetically pleasing and is easy to create in TurboCollage.

Here's an example of a hexagon collage:

A sample hexagon photo collage made from pictures of fruits and vegetables. Make a hexagon photo collage.

Circle Collage

An example circle photo collage is shown below. You can make a collage with a uniform distribution of equal-sized circles or a collage with randomly spread different-sized circles.

A sample circle photo collage. How to make a circle collage.

Diamond Picture Collage

A diamond photo collage works well on people's headshots. Here's an example:

A sample diamond photo collage. How to make a diamond picture collage.

Pinterest Pin Image

Pinterest is an excellent social network for people interested in arts, crafts, fashion, design, etc. Since Pinterest has a relatively thin column-based format, its users gravitate more towards long pins with engaging graphics. You can easily make tall, attention-catching Pinterest Pin images using TurboCollage.

Make a Tall Pinterest Image How to make a tall Pinterest Pin Picture

More photo collage examples

With TurboCollage, you can make collage photos that will surprise even the most seasoned professionals — the possibilities are endless. This section will provide some more examples of photo collages made using TurboCollage.

You can use a photo collage as a simple greeting card like the one shown below:

A collage used as a greeting card

A comp card is commonly used by models to quickly and easily represent themselves. It contains the model's name, contact information, and recent work samples in the form of images.

Here's a straightforward comp card made using TurboCollage:

A comp card made as a photo collage
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The collage examples shown above are only a few of the numerous possible using TurboCollage. Moreover, TurboCollage's ease of use makes it an ideal tool for novices and designers alike.

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