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36 Photo Collage Examples with Simple DIY Steps

by TurboCollage Team

Sometimes, one photo doesn't cut it! This is where photo collages come in.

Collages combine multiple photos to create a single image that tells a story or captures a specific theme. And collages come in many different formats, from a simple arrangement of a couple of pictures to a complex composition comprising hundreds of photos.

You can use photo collages for various purposes, including creating unique home decor, memorializing a loved one or a special occasion, showcasing a portfolio or artwork, or simply organizing multiple photos into a single image for social media or personal use.

With that in mind, let's take a look at more than 30 different collage examples that will leave you feeling inspired to create your own masterpiece. Plus, we'll share with you a quick and easy way to make these sample collages using TurboCollage. So, grab your favourite photos, and let's get started!

Photo Pile

A picture pile collage

Do you remember the old-school photo collaging trick where you'd randomly sprinkle photo prints on top of each other? A photo pile is a digital version of that! It's a fun and visually dynamic way to showcase a collection of photos by stacking them on top of each other in a seemingly random yet artful arrangement.

And you're in control - you can customize photo positioning, pictures' top-to-bottom order, and the number of images used. Here's how you create a photo pile.

Photo Collage with Text

A photo collage with text (like captions, quotes, or descriptions) can help you tell a more complete and compelling story. For example, you might want to add dates or timelines to show the progression of an event or include quotes or sayings that match the theme of the photos.

A picture collage with text

Do you like this collage example and want to try it yourself? Here’s how to add text to a photo collage.

Photo Grid Collage with Pictures of Different Sizes

Creating a photo grid of unequal cells is no easy feat. But TurboCollage can do this for you in a single click!

Let's dive into the various options here.

Grids With Many Photos of Different Sizes

Random photo collage grid

Manually creating a collage like the one above would be incredibly time-consuming. Luckily, TurboCollage uses an intelligent algorithm to automatically lay out a set of pictures into a photo grid. Here's how to automatically arrange photos into a grid using TurboCollage.

3-Picture Grid

Looking for a simple and elegant photo collage? Try the 3 picture grid - a classic arrangement that allows you to showcase 3 or more photos.

3 photo grid

5-Picture Grid

More photos to showcase? No problem. You can use TurboCollage to create 5-picture grid arrangements.

5 picture grid collage

Portrait or Landscape Orientation Photo Collage

Want to switch things up? You can make a collage in landscape or portrait orientation and use any custom size you want. Here’s how you make custom-size collages.

Portrait Photo Collage

Large Photo Collage with 100 Photos

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating photo collages - from a simple and sweet two-picture layout to a grand and epic collage with over 100 images like this:

An example of a collage with more than 100 pictures.

Got a large photo set you want to transform into a collage? Here's how to create a 100+ photo collage.

Collage of Shapes

If you're looking for a more creative way to display your photos, consider trying out TurboCollage's "Collage of Shapes" feature. By placing your pictures inside various shapes, such as hearts, circles, squares, and more, you can add a unique touch to your collages. Let's see some collage examples using this feature.

Make a Collage of ShapesMake a Collage of Shapes

Ready to get started? Follow this step-by-step guide to make a collage of shapes.

Side-By-Side Photo

As the name suggests, side-by-side place photos side-by-side! Side-by-side photos allow for easy comparison and highlight the differences and similarities between two images, like in this photo collage example:

A sample collage made by placing 3 pictures side by side.

You can put any number of images side-by-side. For example, you could put two, three, or four photos next to each other. You can also combine pictures either horizontally or vertically. Here’s how to make a side-by-side photo collage.

Photo Gallery

Gallery photo collages help display all your important photos, using ample negative space to make the images stand out. In the photo collage examples below, you can see the two different formats of photo gallery collages. The first arranges pictures in rows, while the second displays images in columns.

A photo gallery with pictures arranged horizontally.

Click here to learn how to make a photo gallery with pictures arranged horizontally.

A photo gallery with pictures arranged vertically.

Click here to learn how to make a photo gallery with pictures arranged vertically.

Collage With a Large Center Picture

Many collage makers want to emphasize a specific image in their creation, and TurboCollage makes this easy. Take a look at the collage example below:

An example collage with a large centre picture of a lion.

Emphasizing a central image in a photo collage can help you create a visual hierarchy or drawing attention to a particular subject, like highlighting the birthday person in a collage of party photos.

Here’s another example…

An example photo collage with many pictures placed around the central picture of a woman

Want to create a collage with a large center picture? Click here for a step-by-step guide.

Zig-Zag Collage

Zig-zag photo collages offer a fun way to share multiple images on social media, making them an excellent tool for bloggers, influencers, and anyone looking to share their memories. Here's a zig-zag collage example:

Make a Zig Zag Collage

Follow this quick guide to learn how to make a zig-zag collage.

Mood Board

Mood boards are widely used in the entertainment and design industry for multiple reasons. Designers use collage mood boards to develop ideas and communicate their vision. For example, a fashion designer might create a mood board to reference during the design process, staying focused on their vision and creating a final product that reflects their original concept.

An example mood board

Learn how to make a mood board in 30 seconds!

Photo Grid with Rows and Columns

As the name implies, a photo grid is a collection of photos organized in a grid format with rows and columns. This type of collage allows you to arrange a varying number of pictures, ranging from small 2x2 grids to larger photo grids with many pictures and everything in between!

A 3x3 photo grid made from pictures of dogs

By combining multiple photos into a single image, it can help tell a story or share multiple related images.

For instance, a travel blogger might want to create a photo grid collage to showcase several pictures from their recent trip. By arranging the photos in a grid, they can give their followers a quick glimpse of the places they visited, foods they tried, and activities they did. This not only helps them to create a more visually appealing post but also allows them to share more content in a single post.

Here’s another example:

18 picture photo grid with 3 rows and 6 columns

And another! This time a 30 picture grid with 5 rows and 6 columns where the pictures are not cropped:

A 30 picture photo grid made from pictures of cars

And one last one, this time with uncropped photos and a funky background!

An example of a 20 picture grid collage

Instant Photo Collage

Instant photo collages arrange instant photos or polaroids into a pile like this:

An example Instant Photo Collage

Learn how to make an instant photo collage.

Postage Stamp Collage

Want to see what your photos would look like as a collection of postage stamps? If so, you can follow this guide to create a postage stamp collage like the one below.

Hexagon Photo Collage

Want to make a hexagon photo collage? Hexagons are six-sided polygons with equal-length sides, and using them to create photo collages can result in a fun arrangement that's both pleasing to the eye and easy to achieve using the TurboCollage app. Here’s an example:

A sample hexagon photo collage made from pictures of fruits and vegetables.

Want to create a hexagon collage with equal hexagons arranged in a pattern like the following example?

An example hexagon collage

Or do you want ultimate freedom with various sized hexagons placed wherever you want? If so, you can learn how to do so with this guide.

Circle Collage

You can make a collage with a uniform distribution of equal-sized circles or a collage with randomly spread different-sized circles. Here are some examples:

A sample circle photo collage.An example circle collage with images placed randomly

Click here to learn how to make a circle collage.

Diamond Picture Collage

If you're looking for a creative way to display headshots, consider using a diamond picture collage, like this example:

A sample diamond photo collage.

And here's another example of a diamond picture collage you can create with TurboCollage:

An example of a diamond photo collage

Make a diamond picture collage today!

Contact Sheet

A digital contact sheet displays a collection of thumbnail images, offering an easy and convenient way to compare and organize many digital photos.

An example contact sheet

Here's how to make a contact sheet.

Panorama Collage

A panorama collage is a visually striking image that combines multiple photos into a wide, panoramic view, like in this photo collage example:

An example panorama collage

Ready to make a panorama collage?

Pinterest Pin Image

Pinterest users who enjoy arts, crafts, fashion, and design can create tall and engaging graphics using TurboCollage, making it an ideal tool for the platform's column-based format.

Make a Tall Pinterest Image

Learn how to make a tall Pinterest Pin Picture.

Photo Mosaic

A photo mosaic is a picture made from many smaller images. You can easily create a Photo Mosaic from your photos using TurboMosaic software.

Photo Mosaic

Number Photo Collage

A number photo collage lays out pictures to form a number. You can make any number photo collage using FigrCollage software.

Number Photo Collage

More photo collage examples

TurboCollage offers endless possibilities for creating impressive photo collages for various purposes. For example, students often want to create collages to showcase their new experiences or to demonstrate their photography skills. And many on this list could be considered excellent collage examples for students.

Let's take a look at even more photo collage examples!

A collage used as a greeting card

Or what about a comp card? A comp card is a printed card that features a model's best photos and basic information, typically used for castings or auditions in the modeling and acting industry. Here’s an example:

A comp card made as a photo collage

Wrapping Up

We hope these collage examples have inspired you to get creative and make your own unique photo collage using TurboCollage's user-friendly software. So, whether it's for personal use or to showcase your work, why not give it a try and create your own stunning photo collage today?

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The collage examples shown above are only a few of the numerous possible using TurboCollage. Moreover, TurboCollage's ease of use makes it an ideal tool for novices and designers alike.

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