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How to Make a Photo Pile

by TurboCollage Team | Last updated April 16, 2021

Make Photo Pile

You have returned from a holiday, and you're excited and anxious to share photos with your friends. The only problem is that you have too many images — no one would have the time to go over all the images. Even if you were to share all the photos individually, they wouldn't convey a story or the essence of your trip.

Every one of us has faced the same problem at some point in time. How do you get over this?

One solution is to combine your photos into a picture pile collage that is easy to share and captures your photos' essence.

With TurboCollage, you can easily create a photo pile in minutes. Moreover, TurboCollage gives you complete manual control over your collage design so you can stack, position, and overlap your photos exactly as you want.

What do you call them - Photo Pile Collage, Messy Photo Collage, or Freestyle Photo Collage?

Because of the unstructured nature of a photo pile collage with photos overlapping and positioned freely, some people also like to call them messy photo collage or freestyle photo collage!

Messy Photo Collage

Before we get started, download and install TurboCollage. It takes less than a minute to download and complete the installation. Download here.

Steps to Make a Photo Pile Collage in TurboCollage:

1. Open TurboCollage and set your collage to use the Picture Pile pattern.

Placeholder Picture

2. Add pictures to your collage.

3. Design your collage as shown in the video below.

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Make a Polaroid Collage

Polaroid Collage

Instant photos, more popularly know as polaroids, look great in a photo stack/pile. To make your collage look like a realistic pile of instant photos, turn Instant Photo on under “Picture Borders” in addition to the steps outlined above. 

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Make a Stamp Collage

Make Postage Stamp Photo Pile

To make your collage look like a pile of postage stamps, turn Postage Stamp on under “Picture Borders”. 

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Photo Wall

Photo Wall

Do you like the above arrangement? What if we tell you that such an layout can be done with one click — yes, one click!

Once you have added your photos, simply click the tool as shown in the screenshot below.

Placeholder Picture

TurboCollage allows you infinite possiblities of a great photo pile layout. You can also make a pile of photo shapes using the Advanced Pile pattern.

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Download and install TurboCollage for free — it will take less than a minute to download and complete the installation.


TurboCollage comes with a 14 day money back guarantee.

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Download and install the TurboCollage for free with a few mouse clicks.
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TurboCollage comes with a 14 day money back guarantee.